What We Do

Water Removal

After a fire, flood, or severe storm, the last thing you need to do is start sifting through the debris. Fire can cause the release of toxic chemicals from even the most ordinary of objects. Mold spores can quickly spread through a structure after a disaster causing respiratory problems and even death. The professionals at North Georgia Water Extractions can help you through this difficult time with a wide variety of water removal and fire damage services. We help you pick up the pieces and move on.

Roof Work

Our highly experienced team can pack and store your personal property to be restored off-site. Non-salvagable debris is isolated, collected and removed. The humidity of the affected area is controlled throughout the project as the structure is cleared and protected from the elements. The dwelling is then rebuilt and restored to a safe and healthy environment that is ready to be re-occupied. After restoration, we provide complete documentation and can directly bill your insurance company.

Your family's health is too important to put at risk in the dangerous environment that is created after fire and water damage. Let us help you rebuild your home or business and get things back to normal.

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